Frequent Questions

What do we offer?


   You can choose one from our three different packages of services. As every wedding is unique, alternatively you can choose the specific services that you need. Contact us to tell us more about your Big Day and the pack or the services that you want and we will let you know about the budget. Please read the Frequent Questions for more details about our services and packages.
   All the packages include filming of the whole day of the wedding (preparations of the bride and the groom, ceremony, cocktail and reception). We always film with 2 cameras and drone.

  • • 1 videographer
  • • Filming of the whole wedding day with 2 cameras and drone
  • • Edit a wedding film ~15 minutes
  • • Edit a trailer with the highlights ~3 min
  • • An online link to view and download the 2 videos


  • • 2 videographers
  • • Filming of the whole wedding day with 2 cameras and drone
  • • Edit a wedding film ~20 minutes
  • • Edit a trailer with the highlights ~3 min
  • • 1 video session of the couple’s choice (“save the date”, engagement or “love the dress”)
  • • An online link to view and download the 2 videos and the session
  • • 2 videographers
  • • Filming of the whole wedding day with 2 cameras and drone
  • • Edit a wedding film ~25 minutes
  • • Edit a trailer with the highlights ~3-4 min
  • • 1 video session before the Day (engagement or “save the date”)
  • • 1 video session “love the dress” (after the Day)
  • • Same Day Edit (SDE)
  • • An online link to view and download the 2 videos, the sessions & the SDE

Frequent Questions


-Where are you based and where do you film weddings? Do we pay for the travel cost?

    I am based in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal. I film weddings with one more videographer (from a group of experienced videographers that I have). We film weddings everywhere in Portugal, in Greece and abroad. In Portugal, we only charge for the travel costs if the total distance from Porto or Lisbon to the wedding place, to go and come back, is more than 60 kilometers. For weddings outside Portugal, we charge for the travel cost (we let you know about it when we know the date of your wedding).

-How do you describe your way of working on the wedding day? 

    On your Big Day we work to capture the essence of the wedding, all those moments that make that day so important for you, at the preparations, the ceremony and the reception. We don’t interfere and we love capturing the spontaneous moments of you, your family and your friends.

-What is the style and the duration of the wedding films that you create? Do you make personalized films for each couple? 

    Every wedding is a different story, so we make personalized wedding films, depending on the couple (after getting to know each other with you), but always following our style: stories full of joy, tears, happiness, emotions, fun and dances. Spontaneous, natural and unplanned moments. Showing the couple alone, but also enjoying the Day with their families and the friends. You can have a look at our style, by watching some of the trailers of the wedding films that we created. We always film a small session of the couple, outdoors at the wedding venue and if the couple wants, video sessions before and/or after the wedding (for example an engagement session). We like to capture your moments and then combine these images to edit a cinematic film with simplicity but also creativity. We create a wedding film of 25 to 30 minutes and a trailer with the highlights (about 4 minutes). To achieve a high quality film we use professional full frame cameras, drone and other professional video and audio equipment.

-Why you film with 2 videographers?

    I have a group of experienced and creative videographers and I always film the weddings with one of them, to capture your moments from more points of view and make more images. More specifically, one videographer can film the couple and the other the families and the friends. One films general shots and the other one details, closer shots. The most important moments of your Day, like the entrance of the bride and the groom at the ceremony, the vows, the rings, the exit of the couple from the church or the ceremony, etc. should be filmed from two different points of view (two cameras, or a camera and a drone). Furthermore, 2 videographers also means filming more of yours and your families’/friends’ spontaneous moments. So finally, during the video editing, we will have more choices, to create a more complete and dynamic film of your unique Day.

-How can I book your services for my wedding, how can I meet with you and how is the payment done?

    You can contact us with one of the ways in our contact page (our form, email, phone or WhatsApp) to provide us with some basic information regarding your wedding, and we will let you know if we are available for filming at the date of your Big Day. Then, we prefer to meet in person with you to get to know each other, to provide us with more details of your wedding and help you to choose one of our packages or the services that fit better to your needs for your Day, and to ask us if you have any questions regarding our services.  At that meeting we will also show you a sample of our work, wedding films, to understand better our style and discuss with you how you imagine the video of your Day. Then you pay 30% of the total value of our services, and we sign a contract. The payment can be done via cash, bank transfer, MBway or PayPal. If it’s not possible to meet in person or if you are far away from Porto or Lisbon, or in another country, we can talk about the above via phone, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom, do the payment of 30% via bank transfer, MBway or PayPal and then sign the contract online. The rest of the payment is done on the day of the wedding (40% of the total value) and three months after the day of the wedding (30%).

-Do you also make wedding photography?

    No, as we create exclusively films. However, we collaborate and work with talented and experienced photographers and if you want, we introduce you to one of them (that is available at the day of your wedding) or we give you their contacts, so that you also have photography service at your Special Day. If you have already booked the services of one or more photographers, it will be our pleasure to meet them & work with them!

-What are the three video sessions that you offer (engagement, “save the date” and “love the dress”)?

    The engagement video session is before the wedding day and first it helps you to get to know each other with the wedding videographer and have a first contact with the camera, before your Big Day. At this session we film your love story, how you look like together, in a nice place that can you or we can choose. More specifically, you can let us know if you prefer a session at the beach, near the river, at the mountain, at a nice part of the city, etc and then we can suggest a place. You can also suggest your favorite place for this part of your Story. We create a short 2 minutes’ film from this story, and also some of those images will be a nice addition at the final film and the trailer of your wedding.
   A save the date video is a video session before the wedding, like the engagement video, in which you add the date of your Big Day and that you send to your guests to share your love story with them and so that they mark your Big Day’s date.
   Love the dress is a video session, after the wedding, with the bride wearing the wedding dress and the groom the wedding suit again, in a beautiful location like these ones mentioned at the engagement video. Similarly with the engagement video, we create a short film from save the date session and/or love the dress, and also add some of those images to the final film and trailer of your Special Day.

-What is the Same Day Edit?

    The Same Day Edit is a short film that we edit at the day of the wedding and show it at the venue at the night, usually after cutting the wedding cake. It is a resume of your Big Day and we also add parts of the video session before the wedding, to make a nice film to see with your families and friends, just some hours after the wedding ceremony and see yours and their reactions!

-For how many hours do you film during the wedding day? 

    We film for the whole day of the wedding (preparations of the bride and the groom, ceremony, cocktail and reception). Usually our coverage is totally 12 hours, but this amount of time depends on every wedding that is unique: we film your story as much as it is needed to make a nice film of your Special Day.

-Can I choose the music of the final film? 

    You will let us know about your music style and your favorite songs, and then we discuss with you if and how those songs would match with the final film of the wedding, depending on our creative choices for the narration of your Story at the final film. Finally, we will create a film combining music that we and you choose and that fit with your Story.

-How long does it take to deliver the final film of my wedding?

    It takes 3-4 months: when editing your wedding film we want to make a cinematic and unique film, with a nice storytelling and attention to details.

-How do you deliver the wedding video?

    We will send to you an online link to watch and download the wedding film, the trailer and the video session(s). If you would like to, we can also copy those videos at a USB flash drive and give it to you.  The original videos can be delivered in an external hard drive, with an additional cost.

-Can I make changes at the film?

    When we meet you (in person or online), to discuss about your Day, we will show you wedding films that we have created, so that you see our style and then we will talk with you about how you imagine the video of your Day. You can take a look of our style at the Weddings section of our website. As you will know our style and we will already have discussed about some preferences that you have for your wedding film, we will edit your final video following our style with creativity & taking into account those preferences. However, if you want some minimal changes at the final film (removing or replacing some shots for example), we are willing to make them.

-I want only one or more video sessions and not a wedding film, is that possible?

    Yes, it is. Contact us for the type and the details of the session and we will let you know about the budget.

-Apart from weddings, do you also make other films / videos?

    Yes. We also make baptism and communion films, events, commercial videos, documentaries and short movies. Contact us to give us details for the film or video that you want, and we will inform you for the budget.